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Find Your Midcentury Bliss at This Glass House Asking $675K

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Location: San Diego, California
Price: $675,000

Anyone wishing to ponder the true meaning of life, look no further than this glass-encased post-and-beam abode awash in Southern California sunshine. Built in 1957 at the behest of a retired couple with plans to downsize, the glass walls of the one-bedroom home form a jewel-like dodecagon atop a scenic overlook. But that's not all, the meager 1,322 square-foot Arden Residence was designed by Los Angeles' most pedigreed father-son duo: Kemper Nomland enlisted his son, future case study architect Kemper Nomland Jr., as the project's landscape architect.

Inside, you'll find all the usual fare: a 'rumpus room,' accordion walls, a veritable treasure trove of post-war built-ins, and some truly wondrous views of the valley through generous glass walls. And, if history repeats itself, this listing won't be long for the market—six months ago Nomland's hilltop house in Mt. Washington sold for the sweet tune of $925K.

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