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See How This 'Barn' Disappears Into Tahoe National Park

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Nestled in Tahoe National Forest is a unique architectural sight to behold—if you can spot it. Designed by architecture firm stpmj, the aptly-named Invisible Barn is a small wooden structure just 24 feet long and 3 feet wide, and sheathed in mirror-finish reflective film. To totally blend into the landscape, the barn was carefully placed within a grove of similar trees—that way one reflection could easily be mistaken for the opposite side. While the project aims to dissolve architecture into the wilderness, a series of square plywood holes allow visitors to physically pass through the illusion itself. The real trick, however, was keeping the sculpture safe for unsuspecting birds: the mirrored film reflects light wavelengths we can't see but birds can.

Invisible Barn / stpmj [ArchDaily]