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Boston Infested by Bunnies, Is Luckiest City on Earth

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Infestation is one of those words that is almost always bad, unless it is preceding the word bunnies. Then it's the best. Who wouldn't be down with a whole bunch of bunnies hopping around, unless you're Mr. McGregor? Boston is apparently on the receiving end a bunny infestation, those lucky sons of bitches. A Boston reported relayed this information on Metro in the most Boston way possible:

Boston is known to be home to many creatures people look to avoid: Rats, squirrels, mice, roaches, pigeons, seagulls, mosquitos, plenty of other bugs and birds, raccoons, possums, and sometimes a few Yankees and Lakers fans. Ha. Yankees and Lakers fans! Classic. Boston doesn't deserve this.
· Bunny infestation overruns Boston [Metro]