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Neon Artwork and 100-year Old Timbers Mix in this Rad Office

All Photos © Jeremy Toth via Archdaily

Blending old and new never looked so cool. Architect Jose Gutierrez was commissioned by consumer analytics company TRA to convert this century-old Auckland warehouse into open offices. Combing this historic architecture with the high-tech company was a challenge: "We wanted to play on the capture and processing of information and somehow translate what TRA does into a 3 dimensional form, into the architecture of the space." Gutierrez kept the raw, industrial feel of the exposed timbers but added modern features that would reflect that character, quite literally in the case of a mirrored freestanding rooms. Minimalist furniture and lighting further accented the modern aesthetic. Custom neon lights were already part of TRA's rebranding, a fact that Gutierrez emulated with two beams of aquamarine light that ascend from the front desk in all their Tron-esque glory.

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