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Skylight of World Trade Center Oculus Will Open Each Sept. 11

Santiago Calatrava's $4 billion World Trade Center Transportation Hub may be drastically over-budget and years late, but the project is a "glorious boondoggle" that keeps on giving. In 2008, Calatrava's plan to create a movable structure that would—to keep up with the Bird In Flight descriptor of the central Oculus—unfurl its wings got the axe amidst budget concerns. But the New York Times says that the Oculus will indeed open itself to the elements. While not to the same degree that Calatrava once envisioned, the Oculus will be topped by a 355-foot-long operable skylight that will range from 12 feet wide at its most slender ends to 22 feet wide in its center.

Curbed NY has the details. >>