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Colorado is Almost Drought-Free for the First Time in Six Years

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Although much of the west (here's looking at you California) is still suffering from a serious, four-year drought, Colorado is looking greener than it has in years. The Denver Post reports that a federal drought report shows drought in only about 2 percent of the state, limited to the extreme northwest and southwest corners.

Plentiful summer moisture across Colorado has steadily reduced the state's percentage of drought. The current numbers are down from 25 percent last week and 75 percent three months ago.

Federal statistics show that the last time Colorado had so little drought was in July 2009. It's also likely that an incredibly wet May and decent snowfall this past winter has upped the state's water supplies.

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Meanwhile, the latest map from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows that most of California is still under an "Exceptional Drought." Much of Oregon and Washington are also suffering from extra dry conditions as well. Be careful out there, Curbediverse.

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