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Of Course Gwyneth Paltrow's Company Organizes Their Books By Color

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We've touched on the idea of people using books as decoration before here, and, frankly we don't tend to be huge fans. The most harmless of the books-as-design trend, however, is also the most ubiquitous: people organizing their bookshelves by color. It's sort of a giveaway that you don't actually read your books, but overall, if you've got the spines facing in the right direction, we can't be too upset. The Germans probably have a word this type of weirdly-grating-but-ultimately-inoffensive thing, and, come to think of it, we do, too. Two words, in fact. Gwyneth Paltrow. So it follows that the headquarter's of Gwyneth's lifestyle company, Goop, is a practitioner of the color-coded books trend. From today's Racked profile on the company:

The barn, complete with soaring ceilings and rustic wood floors, is tucked away from the canyon's main road, nestled among blooming hydrangea bushes. Inside, there's a bookshelf with volumes arranged by color, as well as a whimsical spiral staircase and a small nook of an attic that holds racks of designer clothing; the whole place smells like essential oils. The whimsical spiral staircase definitely checks out, too.

Also of note: in "researching" (read: looking for a picture to use) for this post, we came across an old Apartment Therapy article titled "In Defense of: Organizing Books by Color," which makes a case that not only does organizing by color look good, but it's actually practical as well. "Some people just don't have a head for names or titles," the author says, going on to suggest that, "You might not remember who wrote that great novel you read last summer, but the bright blue cover could easily stick in your mind." Right. Or, was it even a book? Maybe it was just some brightly colored yarn you were playing with. Either way, it was great.
· Inside Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's Growing Empire [Racked]