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Climb Into Chappaquiddick's Groovy 'Pole House' for $550K

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Let's Get It On and take a look around this recently listed Chappaquiddick retreat known as the "Pole House." Behind Closed Doors, there's a "unique layout" dating to 1973 with room to Get Down, Keep on Truckin', Drift Away, and Crocodile Rock. Whether Daddy's Home or Papa Was a Rollin' Stone, the Yesterday Once More open living spaces, Superfly deck, and four Pillow Talk-worthy bedrooms offer enough room for Me and Mrs. Jones, Angie, Clair, Daniel, That Lady, Brother Louie, The Cisco Kid, Little Willie, the Ramblin' Man, and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. Even if Your Mama Don't Dance, the woodsy property is .3 acres of Rocky Mountain High Natural High abutting Pimpney Mouse Farm, perfect for Dancing in the Moonlight or to Live and Let Die. If You're So Vain that you wanna Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree at 6 Berry Avenue, this bit of Higher Ground is available for Money, as in $550,000. Oh, Babe, What Would You Say? Do You Wanna Dance?

· Listing: 6 Berry Avenue, Chappy [Sandpiper Realty]
· Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1973 [Wikipedia]