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Cascading Park City Manse Asking $25M Deserves Better Than Softcore House Porn

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Hold onto your hats, Curbediverse, because the newest blockbuster listing out of Park City is on the brink of being NSFW. Asking $25 million and currently one of the most expensive houses on the market in ski country, "Cascade" was designed by California-based Wallace Cunningham. And while this Park City home certainly boasts Cunningham's trademark sleek lines and penchant for glass, the house's architectural merit has been completely eclipsed by the property's blatantly sexual promotional video. Apparently, if you purchase the 4-bedroom, 8-bath home, you'll also get almost 8,000-square-feet of sex den. Just ask the wealthy, middle-aged man in the video who arrives at Cascade with not one, but two bombshells draped on his arm. Intrigued yet?

Are you ready for this? Here's the video:

As the modern-day Hugh Hefner enters the steel, concrete, and stone building, doors magically open by themselves and the trio seductively ascends an all-glass elevator. There's champagne on the patio, because of course, and every now and again we also catch a glimpse of what the listing bombastically calls "a cutting edge Contemporary Cathedral," (aka, the house).

For some reason the women end up in bikinis (but isn't that always how the porno goes?), but just in case you thought this wasn't a home tour, there are brief glimpses of the theater room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Then- cut to the sunset hot tub scene. At this point the video could really go in any direction; will it return to timelapses and aerial shots of the house's rather impressive roofline made with zinc? Or degrade further into a billionaire's testosterone-infused threesome fantasy?

Clothes return (and aren't they fancy!), but the action moves to the bedroom. There's more sexy walking down hallways and stairs before the video concludes with another aerial shot.

Does this video illustrate (per the listing) that the home is "one of the most important pieces of Architecture in America!"? Or that "this piece of Art" six years in the making "sits perfectly, privately on 5.63 view acres"? With all the steamy, home-tour action we bet you didn't notice the custom walnut doors, floating stair case, or plethora of outdoor fire pits. Left wondering if the threesome ever made it into the hot tub, it's likely you forgot to take note of the outdoor terraced patio and boulder encrusted waterfall.

That's just too bad, because this house deserved better. Want proof? Check out the (much more G-rated) photos, below:

· Cascade Park City [Official Site]