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The Town of Vail, Colorado is Poised to Ban Marijuana

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Vail's temporary ban on retail marijuana could become permanent very soon. Although 2012's Amendment 64 legalized the recreational sale of pot, towns and counties were still allowed to impose their own bans. In the Vail Valley, retail operations were allowed in unincorporated Eagle County and the town of Eagle, but the Vail Town Council has never permitted recreational sales. Now, after the Vail Town Council passed yet another extension of a 2014 moratorium banning pot shops, the council will consider a permanent ban.

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Opponents of recreational marijuana in Vail say that the drug is available in Eagle-Vail, only a short jaunt on up the highway. Others fear that sales of marijuana in town could have a negative effect on tourism. Proponents of retail sales in Vail argue that it will add to the region's already booming economy.

Currently, Vail is the only major ski-resort town that bans retail operations, although other towns (like Breckenridge) have limited where shops can operate. Curious as to where you can buy pot in the high country? Check out our handy map, over here.

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