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California's Storied de Guigne Estate Takes $60.1M Price Cut

When Hillsborough's historic de Guigne estate first listed for $100 million more than two years ago, it came with some very interesting conditions attached. The home's current owner, Christian de Guigne IV, wanted to retain the right to live out the remainder of his life on the 47.4-acre property. De Guigne was 75 at the time, meaning that the new owners may have had to wait years and years to move in. Not surprisingly, no one took the bait, and the de Guigne estate was removed from the market last May. Now, however, it is back and asking just $39.9 million, a whopping $60.1 million discount. Perhaps more importantly, de Guigne has removed the exclusive-use condition.

The stunning interiors date from the 1960s >>