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Jackson Hole Play Pokes Fun of Ski Towns Everywhere

Writer and director Andrew Munz knows Jackson Hole and it shows. His most recent play "I 2 Can Ski Forever" debuted back in April to over 700 Jackson locals, and a recent clip of the first act has gone viral in the ski world. Munz makes fun of all the ski town stereotypes you love to hate. From finding housing to hooking up at the bar, this play nails what it's like to be a ski bum in towns from Jackson Hole to Whistler. Take a look, you won't regret it.

While there's no word if another play is in the works for this winter, it certainly looks like there's enough demand. On his website, Munz writes, "As far as next year goes, we'll have to see what happens. People are always leaving and coming back (myself included), but the audiences want more More MORE!"

Keep'em coming Munz.

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