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This Platform Made of 25,000 Ceramics Pieces Is So Cool, Also Making Us Nervous

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This display platform in a Japanese ceramics shop constructed from 25,000 plates, cups, saucers and bowls that were discarded due to imperfections is simultaneously incredibly impressive, beautiful, and nerve-wracking to look at, because—and there's no reason that anyone would ever do this—it looks like if someone pulled out just one cup, the entire thing would come crashing down. Obviously, a completely irrational concern—we're sure that everybody at this ceramics shop knows to not pull any cups out of the giant cup platform, and yet... isn't anyone just a little bit curious about what would happen? It would actually probably be fine. Maybe you should just try it...

· Yusuke Seki uses 25,000 pieces of crockery to raise the floor of a ceramics shop [Dezeen]