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Come Tour Olympic Skier Bode Miller's New Horse Racing Barn

All photos from the Fair Hill Training Center

Gold-medal skier Bode Miller is used to going fast, but he's now taking a year off of skiing to turn to another sport known for speed: horse racing. Forget renting out yachts and mountain homes on Airbnb, Miller has moved up to the big leagues of sport real estate with the purchase of a barn at the Fair Hill training center in Maryland. At the picturesque blue and white stable, called Perfect Sky 1, Miller hopes to use sport science and the lessons he has learned from ski racing and apply those to thoroughbreds. Currently, Perfect Sky 1 contains 40 stalls, but Miller plans to renovate the facility, make larger stalls, and reduce the number to about 30. He's also planning on installing treadmills so his horses can stay active "for at least four or five hours a day." And Miller being Miller, he's not entering the horse world to run around in the amateur leagues. Nope, Miller has his eyes on the biggest prize in horse racing: the Triple Crown.

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