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This Prefab House From China Was Assembled in Just 3 Hours

if you've been following construction news from China lately, one thing's clear: the country is trying to build really, really fast. After those 10 3D-printed dwellings built in a day and 57-story tower erected in less than three weeks, there is now a two-story modular "villa" that can be assembled in just three hours. Developed by Zhuoda Group, the entire structure, 90 percent of which is prefabricated in a factory nearby, takes about 10 days to complete from start to finish and comes equipped with wiring, plumbing, and basic furnishings. The company argues this streamlined process cuts down the cost of the home and avoids pollution caused by traditional construction sites.

Details are hazy. According to 3D-printing news site, 3Ders, the company is using special material they're keeping a secret for now. The material sourced from industrial and agricultural wastes apparently not only allows rapid assembly but can also withstand a 9.0 earthquake. And though various sites are calling this a 3D-printed building, it probably involves, at most, the kind "quasi-3D-printing" exhibited in the other rapidly prototyped buildings from China, where a machine "prints" each wall layer by layer rather than printing a whole house that doesn't require assembly at all. But it sure looks more livable on the inside than those previous attempts.

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