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Pristine Midcentury With Stellar Puget Sound Views Asks $850K

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What is it about Lawrence and Hazen Architects homes that make people want to stay in them for a really long time? Last year we profiled a 1960 3-BR by the Seattle-based firm that had only been on the market twice before and now we've got a 1964 4-BR that's only had one owner ever. Asking $850K, this 3,280-square-foot midcentury modern overlooks Puget Sound with a 180 degree view from it's North Beach perch. All of the classic touches are still there. The exposed beams in the vaulted ceiling, the stone fireplace centerpiece and extensive woodwork throughout. A lot of the furnishings appear to be from that era, including wallpaper and tiling, so it's up to you if you're going to lean towards the midcentury and keep that going or towards the modern and update all of it.

All the gorgeous listing photos, this way >>