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Park City Map Shows Just How Much Development Could Happen in the Coming Years

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Park City is currently in the midst of a construction boom, with projects ranging from the Park City Film Studiosto Vail Resorts' massive $50 million plan to create the largest ski area in North America. Recently, the Park Record published a map from the Park City Municipal Corporation showing just how much development could happen in the future. Originally drafted in 2013, the City Hall map shows the development rights attached to a series of parcels in Park City, Summit County, and Wasatch County. And although the map mostly focuses on larger development, it's a visual example of the significant growth that could be coming to the region.

The map shows some projects that are already under development (the Park City Film Studios and Park City Heights, for example), and many that have yet to break ground.

Other huge projects like Bonanza Park, Treasure, and areas in lower Deer Valley show potential projects that have been discussed for years.

Many worry that even if a small percentage of this potential growth becomes a reality, Park City will struggle with traffic and water rights. According to the Park Record, some metrics put the population of Park City at 17,722 in 2060, up from 7,547 in 2010.

What do you think, Curbediverse? Is all this development good for Park City?

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