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Jesse Pinkman's House From 'Breaking Bad' Is for Sale

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Today has been a great week for anyone hoping to purchase the home of a former drug kingpin, real or fictional, as yesterday Jesse Pinkman's house from Breaking Bad hit the market for $1.6 million. The house (in the show) was owned by Jesse's Aunt Ginny, who Jesse cared for while she was dying of lung cancer. Jesse lived there after she died, briefly turning it into a meth lab (of course), and ruining the upstairs bathroom when he tried to melt a murdered drug dealer in hydrochloric acid. He was later evicted by his parents but got revenge on them by purchasing the house back anonymously after driving the price down by pressuring them (through his lawyer, Saul) because they hadn't disclosed that it had been used as a meth lab. After that he murdered a (relative) innocent, was wracked by guilt, threw about a season's worth of horrible parties, and then sat around being very sad for most of the remainder of the show. The house was a constant reminder to him that money could not buy happiness or fulfillment, that revenge is ultimately an empty pursuit, and that the mistakes you make in life can never be reversed.

So, hopefully the new owners have slightly more fun with it than that.

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