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London Is Getting the World's Longest Tunnel Slide

With Boston essentially withdrawing its bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, a lot of people are asking—rightfully—what does hosting the Olympics actually even get you, anyway? Well, don't worry—London is here to provide an answer. When the 2012 Summer Olympics were headed to London, England's richest resident paid an estimated $25 million of his own money for Anish Kapoor to design the ArcelorMittal Orbit, which we described at the time as "a twisting steel structure that looks like a roller coaster, but isn't even half as fun."

So much for that. The tower is now being turned into "the world's longest and tallest tunnel slide." Is it the type of public benefit that justifies hosting an Olympics? Ehhhhhhh... probably not. Is it awesome? Yes. It is awesome.

Considering the last Anish Kapoor sculpture that was in the news, we really don't want to know what this slide is going to represent.

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