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Karim Rashid's Former NYC Loft is Now Tamer, Asks $3.5M

The owners of this 1,777-square-foot Chelsea loft aren't relying on the cachet of Karim Rashid to sell this place. Just 2.5 years after snatching the apartment up from the zealous designer for $2.686 million, its owners have put it back on the market for nearly $1 million more, and it's nearly unrecognizable from Rashid's day. Now asking $3.5 million, all traces of the neon-loving designer have been wiped away and replaced with, as per the listing, "reclaimed white barn wood ... bespoke walnut ... and reclaimed oak" floors, "custom barn doors" that close off the master bedroom, and a renovated master bathroom and kitchen that show no trace of the custom tile that was left behind.