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Sure, Why Shouldn't 'The Situation' From Jersey Shore Be a Real Estate Broker? [UPDATE: Or Not]

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[UPDATE: Per the Daily News article, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is not (as of yet) involved in this selling-multi-million-dollar-penthouses venture. His mother and three siblings are the ones who are going to be selling the penthouses. Curbed regrets the error.]

An article in the Daily News about Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, that guy from the MTV reality show Jersey Shore who kept lifting his shirt up and grinning creepily, reveals a whole bunch of new information that you probably didn't know about. For instance, Mike and the rest of his immediate family had their own reality show called The Sorrentinos. Did you know that? Don't worry—it's off the air now, but still, wow! It's great to catch up with your old friends and find out what they've been up to.

Another thing that the article reveals is that Mike and his entire immediate family are becoming real estate brokers in New York City. This seems, in all honesty, like a great thing for "The Situation" from Jersey Shore to do. "We want to sell big, multi-million-dollar penthouses," Mike's brother Maximo "Frank" Sorrentino told the Daily News. Sure! That actually really seems like something that could happen. It's not at all difficult to imagine.

Other people don't think that they can do it, though, such as one anonymous broker who commented that, "This is a real profession." That's also true. It just seems like a real profession that is well within the realm of capabilities of Mike Sorrentino and (probably, although we're not as familiar with them) his entire immediate family.

Mike and his other brother, Marc, are also currently awaiting trial for forgetting to pay all their taxes for a few years. We sincerely don't envision that being a problem or an impediment to the Sorrentinos selling a bunch of luxury condos in New York City. Good luck, Sorrentinos!
· GYM, TAN, SELL? The Sorrentinos are making real estate their newest family business [NYDN]