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This Ravishing Mod Pad is Actually a $40K Container Home

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For twice the cost of one super affordable shipping container home, this $40,000 effort in Costa Rica is three times larger and a cleaner break from the primitive container home look. Designed by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe, the same guy behind a breathtaking treetop retreat we featured for Renter's Week, this project turns two 40-foot long recycled metal boxes into a sleek 1,075-square-foot residence that can hang tight with the best of designer prefabs.

Dwell reports that the total cost of $40K is "less than the price of social housing provided for the country's poorest residents." The dwelling's key features, sweeping clerestory windows and a slanted metal roof made from recycled bits from the containers' sides, help bring in ample sunlight and natural ventilation. Head to Dwell for the full story and more photos.

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