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Le Corbusier Boiler Room Turned Grungy-Cool Pad Asks $702K

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Location: Briey-en-Forêt, France
Price: $702,000

This slightly ramshackle shed in rustic France has a secret. Beyond the ruby-red-aluminum veranda, past the ribbon windows, under the exposed-concrete buttresses in the living room, and way down in the basement near the porthole windows: this dwelling once housed the boiler room for Le Corbusier's iconic Radiant City (Cité radieuse) complex nearby. Outfitted with all the essentials by its current owners, who led a painstaking transformation of the space, the former coal-churner was relegated to obsolescence when facilities were moved into the Unité d'Habitation of Briey-en-Forêt and the derelict boiler room was sold. Now, here we have it: Le Corbusier's—who, remember, is the man who preached austere industrialism to the masses—only truly industrial home.

With rusted basement floors and a rather glum slab of kitchen countertop, there's no denying that this 3,230 square-foot dreamboat needs work to return to tip-top shape. Though, as the listing notes, this may not be among the best examples of Corbu's work, it certainly is an example of his work. If nothing else, this can confidently be said: This is likely the most reasonably priced Le Corbusier home that will ever hit the market. And, to be perfectly honest, we think it has a certain woebegone charm. What say you?

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