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This Is a Church That's Shaped Like a Humungous Chicken

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They say that God works in mysterious ways, but sometimes he just speaks directly to you and asks you to build a prayer house in the shape of a giant dove, as in the case of Indonesian man Daniel Alamsja. And then you go ahead and build the prayer house, but everybody assumes it's a church, not a prayer house, and that it's in the shape of a chicken and not a dove, and they start calling it Chicken Church. And then you're forced to abandon it when construction costs get too high and it gets turned into a "safe haven for couples from the nearby villages of Flower Limus and Krangrejo to commit 'immoral acts' away from prying eyes." So, essentially, it turns out that God has manipulated you to build a giant chicken shell for teens to have sex in.

Maybe that's the mysterious part.

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