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Dwell-Approved L.A. House Hits the Market, Asks $685K

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This definitely distinctive house just south of West Adams Boulevard on La Brea in Los Angeles has appeared in Dwell magazine and Architectural Record, showing off its bamboo-floored, multi-level interiors and its custom backyard fire pit. The three-story house holds two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, plus a built-in office, a balcony, and roof access with a 360-degree view (the house is a lot taller than its surroundings). The dingbat-style parking is tucked under the house at ground level, which probably keeps those cars a lot shadier and cooler than a traditional garage, and the Expo/La Brea stop on the Expo Line isn't too far away. It's asking $685,000.

Curbed LA has more photos, right this way. >>