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Charmingly Tiny Big Bear Cottage Wants $219,000

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While Big Bear, California, has had a bit of a real estate boom of late, it's still much easier to find a funky ski shack that reminds you of bygone family vacations than a celebrity party pad. Even with that in mind, this renovated cottage is charming for how its limited space is used so well while adding hints of luxury. Does a home that squeezes two-bedrooms and a bath into 705 square feet need oversized, farmhouse-style sinks? Maybe not. But it's a nice touch. The kitchen has a particularly nice balance of charm and organization. Sure your dining area is a marble bar and the second bed is really a daybed, but did we mention it's just $219,000 and close to both of the area's resorts?

· 42639 Peregrine Avenue [Estately]