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Are Single-Use Kitchen Appliances Worthless?

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This month, Japanese minimalist retailer Muji is launching three new plug-in countertop appliances for the American market. With their ultra clean color and silhouette, the kettle ($95), toaster ($95), and rice cooker ($195) look elegant and endlessly covetable. Looks aside, though, these products quickly got Curbed staffers riled up about the merit of having any of them at all.

What's the value of single-use kitchen appliances (that can cost a hundred dollars each!) in a time when more people are living in smaller homes where counter space is prime real estate?

Is an ice cream maker a lesser sin than a deep fryer or waffle iron?

Is collecting tea kettles okay if you're a tea hoarder?

Does KonMari have a place in the kitchen?

Do you have feelings about this?

Please sound out in the comments and poll below.

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· You Can Now Buy a Minimalist Toaster, Rice Cooker, and Kettle from Japanese Retailer Muji [Dwell]