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This Cirque du Soleil Design Is Definitely Inventive, Questionably in Brooklyn

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This design for a a Cirque du Soleil Performance Center in Brooklyn, New York was thought up by a group of architecture students from Studio Hani Rashid at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The design itself is something to behold, blending interior and exterior so as to turn the entire structure into a stage. So is the Atlantic Ocean off the Brooklyn coast, which is apparently now filled with ice floes. Someone pointed this out in the comments section of the Arch Daily post, of course, and another commenter claiming to be responsible for the rendering responded:

However, regarding the arctic scene - architectural visualization is an artistic, not an engineering profession, so we let our artist's imagination go free this time. Anyway, You never know how the climate is going to change in the distant future, when the CDS building would be hypotetically finished... who knows? :) Touche, sir.

· The Whole Building's a Stage in This Conceptual Cirque du Soleil Theatre Design [arch daily]