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Vail Just Had One of Its Busiest Parking Days Ever

The Vail Daily is reporting that this past weekend on the 4th of July, the town of Vail recorded more parked vehicles than ever before during the summer. As any long-time Vail local will tell you, the town's parking garages often fill up for big events in the summer or for powder days in the winter. But normally the overflow cars number between 800-900, with most of those on the the South Frontage Road. This past Saturday, largely in response to Vail's holiday celebrations, the Vail Parking Supervisor, Kevin Berga, counted at least 1,024 overflow cars parked on the streets. That's close to a January 2014 weekend powder-day record of 1,070. But the best part of the crazy numbers? Although many of the excess vehicles were parked illegally, holiday revelers didn't need to worry about parking tickets. As Berga explained, "We don't do too much enforcement on the Fourth of July because it's just not American to get a parking ticket on the Fourth of July." Well played Vail, well played.