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This 'Transforming Castle Truck' is as Magical as You'd Imagine

The tiny house movement never ceases to amaze with its ability to pack so much in so little, but this "transforming castle truck" from New Zealand takes it to a whole new level. Crafted by an enterprising Kiwi couple, the whimsical home is completely road-legal when all tucked in. But when parked, it transforms into a micro castle with two rotating turrets (one holding a composting toilet and another containing a shower and small washing machine), plus a retractable roof that reveals a roof-top balcony with a hammock and bathtub. The home, totally off-the-grid thanks to solar power and a rain water collection system, isn't the least bit primitive on the interior either: there's a central kitchen with full-sized appliances, tons of built-in storage, and a sleeping loft with wallpaper featuring music and lyrics extracted from songbooks.

Head to "Living Big in a Tiny House" for the full story and photos.

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