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Futuristic Prefab Tube Makes the Grooviest School Cafeteria

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All photos by <a href="">Marcos Morilla</a> via <a href="">Inhabitat</a>
All photos by Marcos Morilla via Inhabitat

Over in Ovledo, Spain, architect
Miguel Angel Garcia-Pola Vallejo has completed a 2,400-square-foot prefab cafeteria for a primary school in just 90 days. Beyond its bold, futuristic grey-and-yellow body, the structure features a number of thoughtful gestures. The curved shape allows rainwater to trickle down from the roof, eliminating the need for gutters and ensuring easy maintenance. Windows on one side of the space are positioned lower so they frame views for children instead of adults. And since the building is made up of four modular units, it can easily be expanded or dismantled and reassembled elsewhere.

Now, about that staggering all-yellow interior: García-Pola Vallejo tells Dezeen that he chose it so the building "offers a protective environment for the children," one that "temporarily isolates them from the outside, and especially from homework." Fair enough.

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