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Rad Contemporary House Proves Aspen Isn't All Log Cabins

Photos courtesy of Will Bruder Architects via Designboom

If, when someone says "imagine a home in Aspen," you close your eyes and picture log cabins, you're not doing it right. This pad is proof that even in ski country, mod dreams do come true. Designed by Phoenix, Arizona-based studio Will Bruder Architects, the three-story gem of a home—not-so-subtly dubbed Urban Mountain Retreatnods at the Aspen residential vernacular with charred-cypress cladding (also known as shou sugi ban, the Japanese art of wood charring) that is both deferential to the prevailing style in those parts and rather on trend. The wood cladding is accompanied in other areas of the facade by zinc panels, lifting the exterior out of full-on mod-rustic territory.

The open-plan interiors are standard for such a contemporary home, but the firm's team perhaps smartly went with a high-gloss plaster finish on the ceiling in the common areas. Scroll on for more photos.

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