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Swell Midcentury Restored to Time Capsule Status Asks $500K

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All photos via Darren Bradley for Modern San Diego Real Estate

Location: San Diego, California
Price: $500,000, but not yet on MLS.

Architect Lloyd Ruocco and electrical engineer Russ Linton designed the luminescent Linton House with a palette of cork flooring, Spanish Cedar, and concrete finishes at the very height of San Diego's housing boom. Dubbed a 'Ruocco House' by the architect's loyal following, this is its first time ever on the market after an exhaustive renovation process.

Perched in a scenic nearby canyon, this post-and-beam structure retains all of its original glory: Decades-old plywood built-ins, "a very unique bathroom lightwell," stereo cabinetry, and florescent indirect lighting all converge upon the home's original tongue 'n' groove ceilings. In short, this building could charm even the most hardened real estate sleuth.

Once you're done beholding Linton House in all its glory, do scroll down to see its pre-renovation destitution. It ain't pretty.

and now, the frightful before.

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