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Danish Architects Build Intentional Bridge to Nowhere in the Sea

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Danish architects Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter have constructed a piece called "The Infinite Bridge" for the Sculpture By the Sea festival in Aarhus, Denmark. The bridge is infinite because it was designed in a particular shape, known in some circles as a circle. As further explanation is warranted, Design Boom explains further:

Beginning at the coast, visitors follow the ring-shaped formation from the beach to the water's depths, making their way around the vast and continuous construction. If you are still not clear about how "The Infinite Bridge" works, here is a step by step explanation:

1. Step onto the bridge, from the shore, where you have been standing.
2. Step forward.
3. Continue to step forward, turning slightly left (if you are walking counterclockwise, or right if you are walking clockwise) so as to avoid walking into the sea.
4. Turn to your friend who brought you to "The Infinite Bridge" and say, "Yeah, it's pretty cool, I guess. I mean, the views are really nice." But say this in Danish because you are probably Danish.
5. Remember to eventually stop walking and exit the bridge (onto land) or else you will just keep walking forever.

· gjøde & povlsgaard arkitekter elevates the infinite bridge over danish coast [design boom]