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Be Your Own Bucky Fuller With This DIY Geodesic Dome Kit

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A new Kickstarter project by a pair of British designers seeks to put your dreams of a personal geodesic dome within reach. Hubs, as the promotional photos of the construction kit suggests, makes assembling your own dome a task easy enough for a child. The six-sided set of flexible ball joints screw into pre-cut pieces of wood like a technologically advanced version of a children's construction toy. Designers Mike Paisley and Chris Jordan claim assembling a dome with one of their kit takes anywhere from a matter of minutes to an hour, and their system, which they've ben refining since 2011, is adjustable enough to accommodate different shapes and sizes. Kits come with or without the sticks needed to set up your dome, be it a kid's playroom, garden room or arbor. Hubs recently surpassed its funding goal, so supporters can feel a little more certain they'll have a big backyard project arriving in the mail later this year.

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