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Sharks Feast Off Chatham; Put a Bird on It, Orleans Edition

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CHATHAM - Just in time for Discovery Channel's Shark Week, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has tagged their first great white of the season. "The 12 to 13 foot shark was seen south of Chatham and tagged by Gregory Skomal of the state division of Marine Fisheries, along with the conservancy." Meanwhile, their "research team witnessed two predations off Monomoy yesterday less than 3 hours apart." [Cape Cod Times; Atlantic White Shark/@A_WhiteShark]

ORLEANS - Bird crap wire: "At least 400 cormorants sit on the power lines across Cedar Pond each day in the late summer and early fall. As the birds release guano they contribute significant and damaging amounts of organic matter and nutrients into the water, including phosphorus and bacteria, town officials and consultants say." Eversource Energy has agreed to prepare a cost estimate for burying the bird's favorite power lines. [Cape Cod Times]