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Paris's Controversial New Skyscraper Will Be a Glass Pyramid

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The pyramidal scheme for 'Triangle 2.' Renderings via Designboom.

When the City of Light's first new skyscraper in nearly half a century is finished, it will tower some 590 feet above Paris. (For contrast, the Eiffel Tower is about 986 feet tall.) The new building, set to rise in the city's Porte de Versailles neighb' and designed by Pritzker Prize-winning duo Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, raised eyebrows and ire among local politicians and the broader populace alike because its soaring form was considered a little too much change for the famously contemporary architecture-wary city. While the renderings may have caused quite the scandale, the structure's program is pretty run-of-the-mill: 753,000 square feet of office space, areas for co-working, and a daycare will all be on offer.

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