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Get to Know the Gorgeous House Where Rihanna Tortures a Dude in "BBHMM"

Last week, Rihanna released the video for "BBHMM": a seven-minute-long neoliberal revenge fantasy in which she mutilates Hannibal from Hannibal in a beautiful midcentury modern house. The internet has found some solid clues indicating Mads Mikkelsen here is a stand-in for Rihanna's former accountant Peter Gounis; in 2012, she accused him via lawsuit of screwing her out of tons of money and got her to buy a mess of a house in Beverly Crest that ended up costing her millions. The house was allegedly leaky and Rihanna claimed she was misled by basically everyone involved; she sold the place at a $1.9-million loss in 2012. And since money is the only thing Rihanna's persona really cares about, the persona gets its brutal revenge in "BBHMM," first kidnapping and torturing a woman on-screen, then tastefully cutting up the woman's husband off-screen. Anyway, most importantly, all this torture is done in a very gorgeous house, which Rihanna has been very careful to wrap in plastic before her torturing session.

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