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Aussie Architect Built Himself a Stunning Treetop Dream Home

All photos by <a href="">Sean Fennessy</a> via <a href="">The Design Files</a>
All photos by Sean Fennessy via The Design Files

This curvy new treetop home in Cairns, Australia has to be the finest new addition to the long list of spectacular pads architects designed for themselves. Recently completed by architect-builder Jesse Bennett and wife, interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo, the amoebous floating glass house is filled with custom finishes and bespoke furniture, including a lovely dining nook and a pink curved couch that wraps around the open living space, offering serene close-up views of the surrounding forest. As if all those sexy glass walls weren't enough, there's also a courtyard that brings the outside in on the back of the house.

Head to The Design Files for the full story and gallery.

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