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Touring the Apocalyptic Destruction of a 60-Year-Old GM Plant

For more than 60 years, General Motors' Doraville Assembly plant was an economic engine on Atlanta's north side. Countless Chevrolet Impalas, Monte Carlos, Pontiac Bonnevilles and Oldsmobile Super 88s were born here, until GM shuttered the plant in 2008 to cut costs. The future for these 165 acres, all adjacent to MARTA and Interstate 285, holds an ambitious, mixed-use "city within a city" project called simply, "Assembly." In the short term, expect a movie studio complex. Down the road, plans call for towers, thriving retail plazas and parks. Demolition work at the old factory began in January, and as this Visual Journey proves, doesn't have long to go before the slate is totally wiped clean.

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