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Fab Tiny House Lets You Keep Your Big Ol' Oven and Bathtub

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From the folks that created Escape, the much- hyped RV that doesn't look anything like an RV, comes a sweet new spin-off model called Escape Traveler. The 269-square-foot mobile dwelling is kind of like a tiny house on training wheels. While many people join the tiny house movement to downsize and live simply, this new model makes the already gorgeously finished space even easier to warm up to with full-size kitchen appliances and a standard 60-inch bathtub.

These full-size amenities are made possible by a sort of unusual layout, which places a generous kitchen/dining area in between two lofted spaces—on one end is a snug living area and on the other is a bathroom big enough for a washer/dryer in addition to the tub. Like other fine-lookin' tiny homes out there, this one doesn't come cheap. The base price is $65,400 and the "limited edition" one for $82,400. Some might say all this luxury defeats the purpose of tiny living, but it sure is pretty:

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