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This Renovated 1800s Stone House Offers Walden-Chic Loft Living for $250K

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All photos via Coldwell Banker

Location: Delaware, Ohio
Price: $249,900

Set on one acre of riverfront woodlands surrounded by a state nature reserve, this petite 1800s stone house just north of Columbus, Ohio definitely has the "Walden-chic" thing going for it. But all the "simple living" vibes kind of dissipate as you step inside, where the interiors of the former schoolhouse were completely renovated in 2008. The original stone walls of the 756-square-foot structure are left fully exposed, but the compact loft residence does sport a new (very red) kitchen, bath, windows, lighting fixtures, and bamboo flooring. For those looking for a Thoreau-worthy retreat without actually committing to total austerity, this adorable abode could be perfect.

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