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Could You Live in This 11-Foot-Wide House?

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Kakko House, by Yoshihiro Yamamoto, at center. All photos by Keishiro Yamada via ArchDaily.

We know well that when it comes to the highly urbanized, densely populated nation of Japan, residential designers will do what they must to help accommodate millions of people in such tight quarters. Apparently, "doing what they must" includes designing some of the most wondrously wacky, ingeniously space-conscious homes, well, ever. And this one, the Kakko House in Osaka, Japan—the work of architect Yoshihiro Yamamoto—is a doozy, measuring just 3.4 meters (about 11 feet) across. Wedged between two older dwellings in the city (one of the country's most populated), the steel-frame house's interiors have a split-level plan, which means fewer space-eating corridors and more natural light in every space. Color us impressed!

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