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People Creating Lotteries to Sell Their Houses Is Officially a Thing Now

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New York chocolatier Christina "Princess Chocolatto" Summers has become the latest person to attempt to sell her house using the unconventional method of raffling it off, for profit. By submitting a chocolate recipe along with a $100 entry fee, entrants can win Summers' late grandmother's suburban Washington, D.C. home. Previous versions of this have included the one where you could submit a 200-word essay (and $125) to win an inn in Maine, the one where you could submit a 350-word essay (and $100) to win a tiny house in D.C., and the one where you could submit a 250-word essay (and $150) to win a six-bedroom house in Indiana.

This might seem like a fairly fun little trend, but keep in mind that these contest don't even work like a normal lottery—the owner of the house is hand picking the winner based on whoever has the "best" half-page essay (or chocolate recipe). While there's no specific reason to suspect that any one of them is not on the up and up, there's also no reason to be certain that each one is.
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