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Take a Look at This Crazy Seattle-Area Castle

Nestled inside twenty acres of pristine Pacific Northwest forest, this 2,972-square-foot "castle" seems the perfect place to rule your Seattle-area kingdom in seclusion. Turns out, it didn't take a king's ransom to get it. First listed in March 2013 for almost $1.4 million, the property finally sold last week for $782K. Fourth time's the charm apparently, as it had been pending three other times previously. Boasting all of the basic castle attributes—stone facade, battlements, and pseudo-turrets—the three-bedroom keep is accessible by private bridge. There's no moat but there is a waterfall, salmon-stocked creek and natural swimming pool nearby. The property also has a rare state permit for private hydroelectric power, which could allow you to live "off the grid," according to the listing.

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