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You'll Have to Covet Volkswagen's New Camper Van From Afar

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Much to the delight of VW fans everywhere, Volkswagen recently debuted a new T6 version of the California camper van. But much to the dismay of Americans, this badass adventure vehicle won't be available in the United States anytime soon. Whether you're in California or any other state, the combination passenger car/motorhome is out of reach until Volkswagen decides to introduce more of its commercial line to the U.S. vehicle market. And that's a major bummer, because the new California comes with a redesigned interior, fully functional kitchenette, and sleeping quarters that transform into a bedroom with up to four beds: two in the lower level on the folded 2-seater bench seat, and another two in the upper level beneath the elevating roof.

Available in three trim lines (the Beach, Coast, and Ocean) and with Volkswagen's well-reviewed TDI and TSI engines, prices start at €41,429.

If Volkswagen were to introduce the new California to the U.S. market, it seems a sure bet that it would do well. Adrenaline addicts, tiny-home lovers, and road warriors are buying recreational vehicles in droves, from souped-up Sprinters to Sportsmobiles.

What do you think Curbediverse? Are you lusting after the California camper van?

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