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Crowdfunding Campaign to Build Real Life Lord of the Rings City Is Sooooo Close

An "ambitious team of architects and structural engineers" in England have, according to an Indiegogo page, decided to build a real life version of the fictional city of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings. (Minas Tirith is the capital of Gondor, the greatest realm of Men in the west of Middle-ear—know what? It's a real big city from Lord of Rings. Let's leave it at that.) To do so, they estimate that they'll need a mere £1,850,000,000 (roughly $2.9 billion). As of the writing of this post, they've raised £206. Luckily, they still have 51 days to go.

If this doesn't work out, they can always build another Minas Tirith out of toothpicks, or visit the real life Hobbiton, or buy this big fake rock.

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