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Even If They Don't Want to Come to Your Party, Your Friends Will Open Your Alexander Girard Invites

From playful textile patterns to his deftly executed interiors, Alexander Girard has established a particular place in the canon of midcentury design. While we wouldn't turn down a chance to obtain some of his original work, we're certainly not opposed to the new line of Paperless Post invites introduced today that showcase some of his classic designs. The patterns featured in this new line of cards include the La Fonda del Sol sun imagery designed for the eponymous restaurant in the Time-Life Building in 1960, as well as various textile patterns and contributions to the Herman Miller Office.

The addition of Girard expands the ranks of name designers featured by the stationary and online invitation company, including Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. In a statement included in the release today, his granddaughter Aleishall Girard Maxon, Co-Creative Director of Girard Studio, says this partnership would have pleased her grandfather.

"We believe our grandfather would have deeply appreciated the way in which technology has expanded the worlds of art, design and communication," she said. "As an avid traveler and someone who had a fascination in drawing connections between cultures across multiple continents, he would have embraced digital communication not only for its efficiency but for its ability to bridge the gaps of time and space."

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