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The Shower of the Future Sounds Incredible

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Humans have been showering basically the same way since the time of the ancient Greeks. Sure, there have been minor adjustments and improvements along the way—the loofah, the shower rock, the invention of singing—but for the most part the shower itself has stayed the same. Until now. Startup Nebia is designing a new shower head that apparently uses 70 percent less water than a regular shower head, and, on top of that, sounds like it's awesome. A Wired reporter recently got to try one out:

"It's very immersive," Winter says. "You walk in and immediately you're wet—you don't have to step into the stream and move your body around this wide surface area, but you're still immediately wet." Even more poetic yet: "People says it's like stepping into a warm cloud." It's an apt description: Unlike a traditional shower head, Nebia sort of surrounds you with a thick mist of tiny water droplets. There's no stream of water projecting toward you. The tiny droplets spread out inside the shower space and consume you. It's like a steam room, but one that, well, actually gets you clean.

Yeah. That. We want that.
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