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Restoration Plans Released for David and Gladys Wright House

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The foundation seeking to preserve the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix, a spiral-shaped residence Frank Lloyd Wright built for his son in 1952, has released plans for a complete home restoration. Once the David and Gladys Wright House Foundation receives a Special Permit from the city—they're planning to file in the coming days—the non-profit plans to begin restoration of the property, with the eventual goal of opening the home, along with a museum café, bookstore and garden pavilion, to the public for tours, educational programs and cultural events.

The restoration team, which will work off of a collection of original plans and documents, will include Organic Architecture, Inc., led by Guy West, historical consultants Vint & Associates Architects, Inc., Wallace Cunningham, who studied at Taliesin, and engineering firm ARUP. In keeping with the stated goal of restoring the home to its 1952 condition, the project will include:

∙ Restoring the original ramp, as well as the attached planter and courtyard cantilever
∙ Adding custom-made masonry and decorative block from the original designs and molds
∙ Restoring the metal roofing, Philippine mahogany, and courtyard pool

Eventual additions to the property include a terraced garden, reflecting pool, and a 25,000-square-foot underground educational center.

Saved from demolition by local resident Zach Rawling in 2012, the forgotten structure has become the focus of the David and Gladys Wright House Foundation, which seeks to preserve this later-period Wright gem and turn it into a museum. Some local residents have opposed plans to create the museum, saying it will disrupt the surrounding Arcadia neighborhood.

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